Montreal is without a doubt the social thumping heart of Canada. It’s flooding with lush green parks, historic basilicas, and imaginative workmanship displays that you can’t discover anywhere else in North America. Also that it brags some the most various (and flavorful) eateries around!

And keeping in mind that numerous urban communities in Quebec can’t choose to be gladly Canadian or socially French, Montreal figures out how to pull them both off consistently. You can be strolling down a European-style cobblestone rear entryway and turn the corner to see transcending high rises and metropolitan high ascents.

Enterprise Montreal car rental service is a continuous American example of overcoming adversity. Our core values and a humble start rotate around close to home honesty and uprightness. We have faith in strengthening our networks one neighborhood at any given moment, serving our clients as though they were our family, and compensating hard work. These things are as obvious today as they were when we were established in 1957.

Today, our monstrous system implies Enterprise is the biggest transportation arrangements, supplier. We offer care and truck rentals, just as car sharing and car deals. We’re in more than 85 nations with in excess of 7,600 areas. What does this intend to our clients? We’re there when you need us.

We play a functioning job in manageability since it’s keen for our business, but since we put stock in making the world a superior place for who and what is to come. As a result of our size, we are in a remarkable position to encourage development, advance research and test advertise driven arrangements.

Everything began with seven cars

Small time’s vision is how the Enterprise story starts. In 1957, an enlivened WWII Hellcat pilot returned home in the wake of serving over the skies of the South Pacific. This man, a genuine trendsetter named Jack Taylor, had an enduring commitment to his nation, his family and the fantasy of beginning a business.

Using exercises learned in the Navy—including the estimation of hard work, camaraderie and basically making the best choice—Jack grasped the novel idea of renting autos, with an armada of seven cars.

Enterprise is presently a household name for incessant voyagers, street trippers and those with a car in the shop. We’re a brand that’s perceived as an overall head in the car rental industry. We esteem representatives and clients as much as an individual from the family. Today Enterprise keeps on driving accomplishment through a straightforward, yet the incredible arrangement of convictions to turn into an innovator in car rental, serving the majority of your transportation needs.

A couple of things to consider before renting a car

In the course of the most recent couple of years, car rentals have turned out to be extremely well-known thanks to the moderate costs and the opportunity that they give. It’s anything but difficult to discover a car for any reason, whether it’s an extravagance car to break out of the daily schedule, or a handy car which will help you get where you need to go. We gathered a couple of significant hints in regards to car rentals which you should be comfortable with:

organization’s phone number

Make sure you have the car rental organization’s phone number – the majority of the organizations have a 24 hours administration number.

Restoring the car at an alternate branch may cost you more.

Keep away from this if conceivable. In specific nations, utilizing vehicles with diesel motors will be altogether cheaper than utilizing vehicles that keep running on gas. Profit the car for time to keep away from pressure and additional expenses that are brought about with a late return. It’s critical to take enough of a cushion in new places.

Remember to fill the gas tank.

Remember to fill the gas tank before restoring the car. This will spare you additional fuel and administration expenses.

Alter the car to the driving conditions.

This will forestall undesirable issues and will set aside your time and cash. In case you’re uncertain, approach with respect to driving conditions for your goal – you can ask the rental organization, individuals you know or search on the web.

Important Key Factors To Look Over In Your Car Rental Before A Road Trip

Going on a road trip with friends, and just cruising the highways, can be a ton of fun. Most people like the convenience of rental cars, compared to their main vehicles, for road trips. Below is a list of key factors you should follow when going with an auto rental service for your road trips.

5 Important key factors to look for

1. Check the Accident history of your chosen vehicle
2. Check and see if the vehicle has some type of pick up, and vehicle replacement service, if the vehicle breaks down on your trip
3. Make sure the car has insurance
4. Double check to make sure that the car listed on your forms, is the same vehicle that you are handed keys for on the rental lot
5. Make sure that there aren’t any visible damages to the car, that aren’t listed on your rental forms

Important key factors explained

Every car rental business has an accident history for every vehicle on their lot. This is a very crucial factor to consider about your rental vehicle before you drive off the lot. Having a vehicle that has had prior damage can come back to haunt you during the road trip, so you may want to choose a different vehicle if this is the case.
During a road trip, there are a lot of unexpected things that can occur with your vehicle. So before driving off, check with the car rental service to make sure that if something does go wrong on the trip, that a replacement vehicle will be brought to you.


In conjunction with the previous factor, having car rental insurance can save you a whole lot of money. Being a young driver, that can come in handy, just in case some of your friends play around inside the car, and breaks something. Or maybe you get into an accident that wasn’t your fault. Either way, without car rental insurance, you will be responsible for this bill. So it is best to make sure you have insurance before driving the vehicle off of the lot. You can have a lot of headaches driving a vehicle without insurance.


Double check, and make sure that the car rental keys that you’re handed, the car listed on the forms, and the car you’re told is your rental car, all match. If you do not double check this, and you leave with a car different from the one that is on the forms, because your signature is on the forms, you are required to bring that exact vehicle back, and if you are unable to do that, then you will still be responsible for it, and you can get into a lot of trouble, possibly even charged with a stolen vehicle. So just for your own safety, it’s best to double check.


Damaged rental cars can be a lot of hassle, and headaches to deal with, so before driving off the lot, make sure that there aren’t any damages to the vehicle that you’ve chosen. First, ask the associate you’re dealing with, then look for yourself. Second, if you see any damages on the vehicle that aren’t listed on the forms, make sure to point them out to the associate, so that they write them down on your forms. Third, if you do not feel comfortable with driving a damaged car, ask the associate for a different vehicle.


For young drivers today, feeling safe, and secure, that an auto rental service has given you a quality car, that will not break down, and will be replaced on your trip if anything was to happen, is very important for your road trip. It gives you the peace of mind that will allow you to truly enjoy your time out on the road.